September 2021 - March 2022

Internet Security (Lecture)

Internet Security is a seminar for the Bachelor‘s Students at HPI. The seminar has in the past proven to be a stepping stone into the world of IT-Security education, research or activities. Primary contents of the seminar are taught in a hybid way - combining theory as well as practical exercises. Some of the core topics that we touch upon are: Reconnaissance, Reverse Engineering, Network and Application Security as well as security (flaws) of Internet Protocols.

October 2020 - March 2021

Internet Security (Lecture)

Internet Security is a lecture for the Bachelor‘s Students at HPI. This lecture is provided by Prof. Dr. Ch. Meinel, Head of the Chair of Internet Technology and Systems at the HPI. The lecture is aimed at students interested in the function and security of various IT-Systems and Protocols. Within the support of the lecture, my colleagues and me provide additional deep-dive sessions for the students. Two of such deep-dive sessions contained the possibility to test penetration-testing basics agains supervised environments and systems.

September 2020 - Oktober 2020

Cops and Robbers (Seminar)

Cops and Robbers is a Bachelor's Seminar where two groups of Students participate in challenges securing and attacking networks. One team of students sets up a network which the others get to attack. During this seminar, students are able to learn core skills in the fields of network-setup and penetration testing. The challenges the students are facing ranges from network-based attacks such as ARP-Spoofing and DNS-Poisoning to application-based attacks such as SQLi, Buffer-Overflows and Reverse-Engineering challenges. While getting to know technical challenges, the students further gain experience in group-work and -management

October 2019 - March 2020

Internet Security (Seminar)

Internet Security is a seminar for the Bachelor‘s Students at HPI. The seminar shall be seen as a door-opener in the field of network and Internet security. Students will learn and understand basic> Absolving the seminar, the students will be taught how to investigate and prevent possible vulnerabilities in (IT-) systems. Furth> The seminar is guided by me and the colleagues at HPI.

October 2019 - March 2020

Information Security / Advanced Cryptography (Lecture)

In the lecture Information Security, the Master‘s students are tought advanced technologies of cryptographic systems. The lecture is presented by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel while my colleagues and me prepare and lead the according excercise session> During the excercise sessions, students are supposed to be gaining deeper insights into the underlying technologies and to generat>

June 2019 - August 2019

Cops and Robbers Seminar

In the Cops and Robbers seminar for Bachelor‘s students, the students are taught basic principles in Network Intrusion and Penetration Testing. The students are guided to setup and build network systems that will guide as a potential attack surface lateron. Thereby they shall understand what principles and efforts prove to be useful in preparing a secure network infrastructure. By experimenting with different attack techniques, the students are sensibilized about possible common security flaws in computer systems.